A perceptually congruent sonification web guide to help identify perceptual complications that might arise from using multiple sound streams in sonification.

As with many types of exploratory data analysis there is no uniform sonification approach that is going to be suitable for all applications. Some popular approaches include Parameter Mapping Sonification and Model-Based Sonification. This web guide can be used in addition to either and provides useful information about how we perceive sound. It reviews components of Auditory Scene Analysis such as Stream Segregation and Auditory Attention, and encourages designers to account for potential 'streaming' issues as well as other perceptual phenomena. While useful for artistic sonification, the web guide is ultimately aimed towards designers of more practical applications.

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This is a generic visual model of sonification.
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This is a basic visual model of Stream Segregation (SS). Note the key determinants of allocation: space; frequency; time; and loudness.
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This is a visual breakdown of how sonification mappings are dependant on the determinants of SS.
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